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Project results

The project “Multilingual Families Clubs” is going to develop a comprehensive set of tools for:

  • Successful establishing and running of a multilingual club in the Countries of Europe and worldwide;
  • Activities and games for children and parents designed specifically to promote multilingualism, multiculturalism and to enhance the competences of children and parents in mutual dialogue with others in their languages;
  • Methodical guiding for the organizers of the clubs (primary schools, NGOs, leisure time centers, etc.), how to run a club on a daily basis;
  • Raising awareness of multilingualism among parents as well as education institutions in the region.

Set of tools / outputs:

Let’s Do It Together!

Conceptual Manual on Multilingual Families Clubs with tips for educators on successful establishing and running a multilingual club

Let’s Play With Languages!

Repository of Activities for Families, designed specifically to promote multilingualism and to enhance the competences of children and parents in mutual dialogue with others in their languages

Let’s Get Multilingual!

Methodological Guide for Adult Educators with guidelines how to encourage and show parents, how to raise their children multilingually in an informal setting

Why and How to be a Multilingual Family?

Parents’ Guide On How To Motivate And Engage Children To Use Multiple Languages – a guide on understanding why growing up with two or more languages is beneficial and can be a great advantage for children

Audio-Visual Learning Scenarios on Multilingualism within the Family

video testimonials of families successfully bringing up their children multilingually as well as representatives of organizations supporting such families in strengthening their multilingual potential

Multilingual Clubs In-Service

Training Program to teach adult educators interested in supporting multilingual families in developing their linguistic and cultural potential

The resources will be translated up to 15 languages to permit the widest dissemination.

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