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MBM Training and Dévelopment Center

MBM work with enterprises to build sustainable growth by integrating strategy development, innovation capabilities, and new growth initiatives. 
Along the way, we put into action proven models for organizing, learning, testing and re-imagining the future of your organization or business.

We offer our campus as your location for training or consulting needs or will come to your organization and provide services onsite.

MBM TDC`s mission is to build sustainable personal and organizational  growth by integrating strategy development, innovation capabilities, and new growth initiatives.
MBM Training and Development Center works to provide:
• Educational training programs that reflect individual workplaces
• Professional development opportunities for communities and organizations and to foster the career we hope they develop
• Quality skills development programs that reflect the changing needs of the community
• Innovative programs in the UK, Europe and globally that will contribute to local, regional and global collaboration
• An equitable distribution of programs throughout Europe and the UK
The Teacher Training Academy at MBM Training & Development Center prides itself on flexible and targeted provision of courses for those who teach or want to serve as teachers or trainers at formal or non-formal education institutions in the UK or abroad.
Our Training Courses are designed for those with a real passion for teaching and will show you how to transmit that passion directly to your learners while giving you the solid qualifying foundations you need to teach in this exciting sector. We work closely with teaching institutions in the UK and in Europe.
Our staff has years of teaching experience in schools, colleges, corporate training and staff development and with specific community groups. We have specialised expertise across a range of needs, including behavioral and dyslexia. There are very few challenges within teaching that our staff has not met before and they fully understand the demands on the modern teaching/training practitioner.
Our staff’s years of experience in the sector mean they have access to a wide variety of speakers in specialist areas, who come to share their knowledge with our students. You will hear from experts in such fields as Continuing Professional Development and Adult Learning, as well as professionals who support students and teaching like student finance and counselling experts.
The Teacher Training Academy at MBM Training & Development Center is staffed by people who are fascinated by and passionate about teaching. We pride ourselves on the level of support we give to every student and are motivated by the pleasure and confidence our students gain from their success. These courses are literally life changing. Many of our students have spent years accumulating knowledge in their fields and our courses enable them to pass that knowledge on as expert teachers and trainers in this deeply satisfying sector.
MBM`s CLIL Training Center
Our CLIL Training Center offers Teacher Development courses for professionals who teach English or their subject in that language.
These CLIL programmes – Content and Language Integrated Learning –  are often funded through Erasmus+, and can be taken in a ‘closed’ or international group, depending on requirements.
Our CLIL Training Center is an experienced provider of European Union funded programs in the UK, offering an unusually wide variety of teacher development courses for teachers of English and CLIL.

We also organize conferences with local professionals to exchange good practices; as well as job shadowing experiences and workshops with the local communities.

Our courses are noted for the expertise of our teacher trainers, who are highly experienced in their field and include authors of popular course-books and resource materials. They have vast experience in training European teachers and many exciting ideas to impart.

Our approach is a very practical one with the emphasis on doing rather than theorizing.

Using both formal and non-formal education methodologies, our courses accommodate an interactive learning approach, including theoretical inputs; participatory activities such as role plays and simulation exercises; moderated discussions and small group exercises analyzing study cases. Not only is this a more fun and interactive way of learning, but teachers are also able to see the real benefits of classroom activities as well as the challenges they may provide. We always provide plenty of ideas and suggestions that can be adapted for use in any country and context.

Visits to British primary or secondary schools or vocational colleges to observe lessons and talk with teachers are a feature of most term-time courses.

In addition to running English courses for teachers in the UK, we offer programs for teachers in other countries and would be willing to visit your school for a short course of a week or two. Details are available on request.

City: Liverpool (United Kingdom)

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