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Manuals – Project outcomes

In this page you can download the Manuals in complete versions.

The Manuals IO2 and IO4, are translated into up to 15 languages, including less widely used and less often taught languages.

The expected project outcomes are:

IO1Let’s Do It Together! Conceptual Manual on Multilingual Families Clubs with tips on successful establishing and running a multilingual club;

IO2Let’s Play With Languages! Repository of Activities for Families, designed to promote multilingualism and to enhance the competencies of children and parents in mutual dialogue with others in their languages;

IO3Let’s Get Multilingual! Methodological Guide for Adult Educators with guidelines how to encourage and show parents how to raise their children multilingually in an informal setting;

IO4Why and How to Be a Multilingual Family? Parents’ Guide on How to Motivate and Engage Children to Use Multiple Languages.

IO6 – Multilingual Clubs In-Service Training Manual.  Manual for educators, trainers and facilitators with a multilingual background, how to effectively combine the different outputs of the project.


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