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Fundacja Understanding

The Understanding Foundation was established for multilingual, multi-national families coming from various countries and also for people who want to raise multilingual children. Our mission is to promote multilingualism among children and adults. We want to help foreigners living in Poland to cultivate their mother tongue.

Our aim is to support families in the integration process and we want to help them to provide mutual assistance like organizing interesting ways of spending free time. Our vision is a multilingual, multi-country, multi- racial society which is supporting each other in the process of learning different languages.

We want to cultivate learning the minority languages in mixed families living in Krakow, but also to promote the learning of foreign languages by various Polish children through integration and contact with foreigners living in our city. F_UND established Klub MULTI – small Club for Families focused on the Multilingualism.

City: Kraków (PL)


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