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Co-creation event in Krakow (PL)

Start Date : 01-06-2019 – End Date: 30-06-2019

The third event will take place in Poland on M20 of the project and will run parallel to the fourth consortium meeting. It will be in towards the end of the Collection of Activities and Methodological Guide testing phase at a time when we will be in need of identifying distribution channels and ambassadors that will be using and talking about the tested outputs. Representatives from the stakeholder groups in Poland will be invited to participate. Using design thinking methodologies we will co-create with the local society. We will let the participants work in groups and provide feedback on the Collection and Guide. Testing of the content of IO2 and IO3 will be provided. Cases for IO5 will be further identified from the local ecosystem.

We will have a chance to evaluate with stakeholders in Poland the materials and set the scene for the future steps of the project.

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