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Co-creation event in Brno (CZ)

Event number: 1
Name of the event: Co-creation event
Country: Czech Republic

Date: 30th January 2018

The first co-creation event’s goal was to include participants from the stakeholder groups of parents and children and social entrepreneurship areas in the national local environment.

Thus engaging early on the local communities and forming a network of stakeholders from the local communities.

In the Czech Republic, most of the interest was found on the side of university students of pedagogical specializations, NGOs and primary schools in the region, so the participants of the event were mostly students, teachers and other interested public.

The event took place in the premises of Language school PELICAN on the 30th January 2018. At the beginning, was introduced the project, its goals and planned activities.

More emphasis was given to the key idea of the project and introduction of project partnership, with comparison of situations in partner countries.

Next part of the project was dedicated to the concept of multilingualism and the issues any multilingual family has to face when trying to keep their multilingual character.

A short discussion about the pros and cons of raising children multilingually followed, where the participants expressed support for preservation of multilingual education of children.

After this discussion, the concept of multilingual clubs was introduced in a wider context of free-time opportunities for children of pre-school and younger school age. Furthermore, the desired cooperation of multilingual clubs from various countries in Europe within the project was explained in greater detail.

Planned key outputs of the project were also shortly described, with the offer to follow the project team’s work on the web page and Facebook.
In the concluding discussion, project team briefly explained wider context of Erasmus+ projects, expected time plan of the project and expected availability of the outputs in the future months.

Key conclusions

  • The project and its outputs seems to be interesting for many teachers, students of pedagogic specialisations and NGOs working with immigrants and foreign nationals.
  • Multilingualism is a well-known advantage for Czech residents and many families tend to raise their child multilingually even if both of parents are native Czechs; they could be interested in this project as well.
  • Most of the participants declared their aim to watch further development of project outputs on our web, FB, etc.

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