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CFC – Conferenza della Svizzera italiana

The Conference for adult lifelong learning in southern Switzerland (CFC) is an umbrella organization for general and vocational adult learning in Ticino (southern part of the Switzerland).

CFC is a non-profit organization supported by the Ticino Canton government (Department for vocational training) and has permanent secretariat in Lugano.

CFC groups more than 80 members that are institutions (public and private) schools, state providers of adult education, governmental bodies and individuals involved in adult learning and retrain of human resources.

CFC will promote the exchange of experiences between different partners in the field of integration and Multilingual learning.

Furthermore trough the project we will acquire new competences and tools that will permit to implement the Multilingual family Club approach in Switzerland.

Previous experiences and projects allowed CFC staff members to acquire and develop competences and experiences in different fields closely related with the aims of the Multilingual Families Club Project.

Taking part to MFC project will let us gain new knowledge and to deepen and exploit the competences acquired in the previous projects. Furthermore Multilingual Families Clubs represents an interesting opportunity to learn an innovative approach and to develop interesting integrations tools that could be used successfully in a border region such as Ticino, which is currently experiencing an intense migratory flow.

Over the years CFC has also developed and participated, in different ways, to different project dedicated to integration, multicultural and intergenerational learning and training. In particular some of this project were dedicated or have touched on arguments similar to those addressed by the Multilingual Families Club.

Thanks to these previous projects, we can boast expertise and a rich experience on topics such as: parents education and training; developing transcultural competences through biographic work; fostering intercultural competences of teachers and trainers; supporting Multicultural integration and learning by promoting children and family integration through the training of parents and family members and storytelling approach.

City: Ticino (southern part of the Switzerland)


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