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Ankara Directorate of National Education

Ankara Directorate of National Education (AMEM) is the second biggest local authority after the Ministry of Education in Turkey. It is responsible for the planning, coordination and management of all kinds of educational and training activities from preprimary schools to High School including all kinds of secondary school; vocational, technical, SEN schools and also adult education in 25 districts of Ankara.

The organization has a range of duties mainly in 7 fields; entitled management, staff education and training, budget and investment, research, planning and statistics, inspection, guidance and research and civil defense. These duties are carried out by 24 affiliated units.

The number of schools in Ankara is 2.351 and 62.030 teachers are on duty to educate/deal with 956.171 students. 62.530 pupils are in pre-primary schools, 320.847 pupils are in primary schools, 291.935 pupils are in secondary schools, 280.859 pupils in high schools in Ankara. In addition, 295.458 citizens aged 18-65 are trainees/ students/ participants / beneficiary of formal education. They attend vocational training centers and adult education centers. Besides, we are in charge of Special Education Needs Schools and Institutions and Private Education Institutions. There are more than 150 SEN Schools which are for hearing impaired, autism, physically disabled, visually impaired and for students with learning disabilities in Ankara.

AMEM is also responsible of the education of refugees in Ankara, too. There are 5 Temporary Training Centers (G.E.M.) especially active for Syrian and refugee students in the province of Altındağ where Syrian families live intensively.
AMEM has opened literacy, Turkish Language and vocational courses for adult immigrants and refugees (Syrians, Iraqi and Afghans) at Public Education Centers. The number of refugees at these centers is about more than 1000. Our main aim is the provision of coordination between Ministry of National Education and District Directorates of Education and Vocational Education. We are the administrative body with the management of schools and educational institutions at different levels.
AMEM is experienced in EU projects and projects especially in Erasmus + program KA1, KA2 and KA3.
AMEM is actively takes part in many projects. SO far, more than 20 projects has been finished. Currently, AMEM is, now, a partner of the following 10 projects:
  1. Sharing European Knowledge on Autism: Training Programs for Parents
  2. Creative and Innovative Training Based on Digital Materials and Games
  3. Equipping School Staff and Parents  with the Skills to Better Integrate Students with Visual Impairments  in the Classroom
  4. Education in Prison for Citizenship Values
  6. What Endangered in Nature is not an Animal or a Plant but it is Human
  7. Magic Word “Fair Play”
  8. No Cyberbullying at the School
  9. Design of a training program for pre-school teachers working in inclusive settings
  10. Social Inclusion Programming For Migrant and Refugee Children At Primary Schools

City: Ankara ((Turkey)

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