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Erasmus+ Programme
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA204-038713
The project has a duration of 30 months
(started on 2017-11-01 and shall end on 2020-04-30)

The European Union, with its 500 million citizens, 28 Member States, 3 alphabets and 24 official languages is founded on ‘unity in diversity’: diversity of cultures, customs and beliefs – and of languages. Besides the 24 official languages of the Union, 60 other languages are also part of the EU’s heritage and are spoken in specific regions or by specific groups. In addition, immigrants have brought a wide range of languages with them; it is estimated that at least 175 nationalities are now present within the EU’s borders.

There is a constant need to address and support the language learning needs of multilingual families in European societies. The immense multilingual potential of multilingual families is an often underestimated and underused treasure as a means to maintain languages and cultures as a benefit for the Europe.

To reach that goal, the project partnership, consisting of organizations from Poland, Italy, Czech, UK and Turkey have merged their collective experience and specific skills in the field of multicultural education.

‘Multilingual Families Club’ idea is based on the experience of similar institutions that have been established and are successfully running across developed countries in Western Europe.

Through the use of the resources, the project is going to develop a comprehensive set of tools for:

• Successful establishing and running of a multilingual club in the Countries of Europe and worldwide;

• Activities and games for children and parents designed specifically to promote multilingualism, multiculturalism and to enhance the competences of children and parents in mutual dialogue with others in their languages;

• Methodical guiding for the organizers of the clubs (primary schools, NGOs, leisure time centers, etc.), how to run a club on a daily basis;

• Raising awareness of multilingualism among parents as well as education institutions in the region.


The project will contribute to preserving languages and culture of immigrants living in the EU and promoting multilingualism among the European society twofold:

a) at the organizational level of institutions working with multilingual families, we will prepare:

  1. Manual for Adult Educators (IO1) with tips on successful establishing and running multilingual club;
  2. Repository of Activities for Families (IO2) – activities and games for children and parents, designed specifically to promote multilingualism and to enhance the competences of children and parents in mutual dialogue with others in their languages;
  3. Methodological Guide for Adult Educators (IO3) with guidelines how to encourage and show parents, how to raise their children multilingually in an informal setting;
  4. Multilingual Clubs In-Service Training Program (IO6) – to teach adult educators interested in supporting multilingual families in developing their linguistic and cultural potential;

b) at the direct beneficiaries’ level of parents with multilingual background.

The parents will be provided with supporting materials

Partners will be offered:

Parents’ Guide On How To Motivate And Engage Children To Use Multiple Languages (IO4) – a guide on understanding why growing up with two or more languages is beneficial and can be a great advantage for children.

The resources will be translated up to 15 languages to permit the widest dissemination including LWULT.

The project offer will be enriched by ‘Audio-Visual Learning Scenarios on Multilingualism within the Family’ (IO5) – video testimonials of families successfully bringing up their children multilingually as well as representatives of organizations supporting such families in strengthening their multilingual potential.

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